Saturday, March 31, 2012

My neighbor watches me through the window

Okay, so I totally have the hots for the woman who lives in the house behind me. She's a bit older than me but totally hot with a really nice body. She has long, dark hair, dark eyes and a nice ass. But I'm not sure how to get with her. I mean how do I let this woman know that I'm into her and want her?
Last night I came up with the perfect idea. It was about 9:00 and dark outside and I could see that the drapes in all of her windows were open. I could even see her inside her house.
My bedroom window faces her house. So I opened up the drapes and turned the lights on. As you know, this allows people from the outside to see you. Then I stripped naked and lay on my bed. I laid down in a way so that my body faced the open window and she (my neighbor lady) could see me.
Laying down and naked on my bed I began to stroke my cock while looking in her direction. I totally thought about her while jacking off and fantasized of bouncing her nice ass against my dick.
After some moments I could see that she moved towards the window. It looked like she was watching me! Then I noticed that the lights were turned off. There is just no doubt in my mind that my neighbor lady was watching me stroke my cock in the nude. The whole situation just turned me on. I kept staring right at her through my window while thinking of how much I wanted her.
I hope she liked her little show. Any time she needs a good screw, she can knock on my door.

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